Che Ecru – “Before I Die”

By: Seamus Fay

Marked by his illustrative, emotional lyricism and smooth sound, Che Ecru is one of the finest artists that we have seen come out of the Boston area in recent times. His consistently high threshold for musical output is second to none, and today, Che is here on Graduation Music to show off his latest offering, “Before I Die”. But fair warning: this song will get stuck in your head all day after just one listen, as it did for me.

In essence, “Before I Die” finds its identity underneath illuminating melodies and an eccentric drum pattern, clashing the two sounds to create a perfect atmosphere for Ecru to top off with seamless vocals. He does just this to an emphatic extent, and by sticking to his strengths and delivering passionate verses and hooks, this takes the role as one of my favorite recent releases from the Che Ecru catalog in regards to the well-rounded aura that it creates. He simply can’t miss, and this single makes sure to maintain the win streak.

Listen to “Before I Die” below:


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