Chase Murphy – “30 Below”

By: Seamus Fay

Chase Murphy. A name that, ever since it first appeared on my Twitter timeline, has always been one of confident stature within Boston’s music scene. By sticking to his strengths and staying true to the polished artist that he has come to be, Murphy has undoubtedly distinguished himself as one of the city’s finest young talents. Today, he’s back on Graduation Music to prove this, dropping off a brand new single titled “30 Below”.

Produced by Mantra, this enthusiastic track weaves through hypnotic instrumentation in order to allow Murphy the room to unleash his inimitable, bellowing vocals. And trust me when I say that he takes advantage of this opportunity, bar after bar, with an abundance of infectious energy. Aside from this, you’re just about guaranteed to get every line of this one stuck in your head after the first listen, and all thing considered, that’s not such a bad thing at all.

Chase Murphy just released an anthem to lead us out of the winter and into the spring, so show some love and listen to “30 Below” at the following link:


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