Seuss – “Water Is Forever” [Prod. Maka]

By: Seamus Fay

Anyone paying attention to Boston rap right now has most likely heard or seen the name “Seuss” one place or another, but if you haven’t heard of him, just know that Seuss is one of the most promising young acts that the city has right now. His seemingly endless bursts of energy have translated seamlessly into some standout singles in the past, and today the Boston native is here to keep the streak going with a new track titled “Water Is Forever”. And trust me, you don’t want to sleep on this one.

Produced by none other than Maka, “Water Is Forever” is a highly-anticipated collaboration on the surface level. Both Seuss and Maka have always been known as two names to watch out for in the city, so hearing them side by side is a treat in and of itself. Aside from this, however, fans are blessed with Seuss’ “hydrated” lyricism bar after bar in this track, kicking things off on a high note with the ever-important line, “I pledge allegiance to the mothef**kin bag“. Overall, “Water Is Forever” is a dope release from start to finish, and if there was still any question as to whether or not Seuss and Maka are two of Boston’s most exciting artists, this track should settle it.

Listen to “Water Is Forever” at the link below:


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