Juxi – “Full Court Press” [Premiere]

By: Seamus Fay

From “Thrasher” to “Leave Me Alone”, I’ve had a hunch about Juxi since my original introduction to his music. Since this initial excitement, however, each of these songs has proven to withstand the test of time. Not once have I ever gone back to Juxi’s SoundCloud and felt underwhelmed. Instead, every time I revisit his music, I feel that same wave of positive energy that the Fields Corner native is able to light up a room with, and I’m reminded as to why his sound made so much sense in the first place. That being said, I feel the exact same way so far about Juxi’s newest single, “Full Court Press” produced by frequent collaborator, Banbwoi.

As the song denotes, this Dorchester representative is ready to take the scene on head first this year, applying the pressure with new music and all in all, claiming his rightful spot within a competitive world of artists. “Full Court Press” works perfectly to this motive, establishing a high threshold of energy from the very first second and maintaining a barrage of ambitious, designer-inspired flows throughout each and every moment, as Juxi seemingly floats over the hard-hitting, relentless production.

Lyrically, this is yet another stellar performance by Juxi, but sonically, it’s arguably even more important to note that he’s right in his sweet spot where he sounds and works best, in my opinion. Knowing your skill set and understanding your creative vision are two incredibly important elements when it comes to making music, and with “Full Court Press”, we’re assured that Juxi has these two items in the bag. He’s ready for the top, ready to bring the energy, and ready to take over in 2018, so hear him out and get ready to see a bright future for this promising young talent.

Listen to “Full Court Press” below.


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