Maka ft. iWearDadJeans – “Look At U”

By: Shamus Hill

It’s officially Spring, and what better way to bring in the new season than with some new waves from Maka. Today, the Boston native – or should I say hitmaker? – is here to gift the world with a new single titled “Look At U” featuring a guest appearance from iWearDadJeans on guitar and vocals. And as you may have expected, this power duo has successfully delivered an addictive offering that will undoubtedly help to instill the beauty of Spring into us all.

That being said, I honestly can’t rave enough about Maka’s music. Time and time again, he delivers exceptional pieces of work, and the energy that comes with these masterpieces is, in many ways, unmatched. If you’re someone who believes in the statement, “music is about feeling”, then look no further than this man right here. Taking inspiration from musical elements in genres across the world, it’s extremely fun diving on into a Maka record for the first time, as you truly have to be prepared for anything coming your way. One thing remains constant, though: Maka will bring the vibe with him no matter what beat or style he decides to bless.

Pour yourself a cold cup of water, prepare for the upcoming spring weather, and listen to Maka ft. iWearDadJeans –  “Look At U” below:

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