Artem Bell – “Everyday” (Prod. NN481)

By: Shamus Hill

Graduation Music newcomer, Artem Bell, recently dropped off a new, NN481-produced track by the name of “Everyday”. The Massachusetts-native, now finding himself in LA, has been working tremendously hard throughout these last few months, and is slated to release his upcoming project Corduroy Dreams very soon. Playing the role of singer, engineer, and producer throughout his various pieces of work, Artem’s passion is easy to note on each new song, showing this hunger yet again on his latest offering.

What I really mess with the most about “Everyday” is how Bell quite literally seems to be floating on the beat. Following his latest release “Blackout” he’s on a roll right now, and I’m very excited to see what the kid is going to cook up next. He’s shown some truly tremendous growth since I first came across his music a few months back, and with that being said, he’s only going to continue developing his skill set as an artist. Another real one out of our beloved state.

Listen to “Everyday” by Artem Bell below:

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