Gio Dee – “Twenty 6 EP”

By: Seamus Fay

Considering the reputation he has developed within Boston as a force to be reckoned with, the name “Gio Dee” requires no introduction on our pages at this point, and rightfully so. Today, Dee is back yet again to bless us with his latest offering by the name of the Twenty 6 EP. But before we begin, keep in mind that this project contains the very sounds and characteristics that led us to fall in love with Gio Dee’s music in the first place, so I can just about guarantee that our readers are going to love it just as much as I personally did.

This EP may only be 7 tracks long, but now that we have received the final product after a few weeks of promo via Twitter, I must say that it smashes all of the already-high expectations that I set in my head. Gio Dee inarguably knows how to craft a hit, and with his latest offering he shows us that his effortless style is able to communicate this sentiment without ever feeling forced in the slightest bit. Songs like “100K” and “Benji” seemingly roll right off of the tongue, reminding listeners and fans alike that there’s a reason or two why Gio Dee is one of Boston’s top runners right now. The success is apparent, the talent is clearly apparent, and the city loves it.

I could go on about this project all day, but be sure to check it out for yourself at the link below and get hip to what could be the next star out of MA!


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