Maka – “Blanka” [Prod. Durkin]

 By: Seamus Fay

Ever since we heard Maka and Durkin connect on their tropical EP, Another Island, it has been a known fact that the two hold an unrivaled chemistry that not many artists know how to bring out. Maybe it’s the complementary nature of their sounds, maybe they’re just on the same page creatively, or maybe it’s something else, but no matter what the trick is, we know that it’s going to be special when these two standout artists join forces. Today, they hit our pages once again with “Blanka” – an anthemic track featuring Maka on the vocals and Durkin on the boards that you simply need to hear.

Surrounded by the naturally-infectious energy that Maka delivers so well, this song finds itself sprinting through rapid flows and memorable lyricism. It’s the kind of release that you start to learn the lyrics to after just one or two listens, and subsequently, holds an abundance of replay value for fans to latch onto. Aside from this, as always seems to be the case, “Blanka” is a reminder of the hit-making abilities of this power duo, dripping in warm-weathered sounds while still holding the ability to be played in any season at any function. With that being said, be sure to give it a listen at the link below and listen to Another Island here!

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