Kleo – “Guts” & “Bands”

By: Shamus Hill 

2020’s Kleo dropped off two new tracks yesterday, “Guts” (PROD. LEVITATINGMAN) and “Bands”. Following his latest release “Stunt More”, Kleo returns to the more exuberant, joyful sound reminiscent of some of his earlier music. As time has progressed, this young talent has showcased phenomenal growth, which in turn has helped 2020 continue to grow since our interview with the collective at an incredible pace.

The first of the two new tracks was “Guts”, which definitely provides a hard, gritty sound, simultaneously still capturing the bubbly, fun energy of Kleo. Throughout the song, Kleo details how he’s built to last and how formidable he’s been despite all of the bullshit he’s endured. “You can take my heart / I can live without it” echoes towards the middle of the song, cementing the fact that he’s going to carry out his goals no matter what anyways does, or thinks they can do, to him – a lesson for any and everyone to take from. Listen to “Guts” [Prod. LEVITATINGMAN] below.

“Bands”, the second song released by Kleo yesterday, was my personal favorite of the two. His music is undeniably fun to listen to, with both tracks furthering this feeling and making for entertaining listens from the first second to the last. Keeping up with his tremendous selection of beats, Kleo does a phenomenal job on this track, both lyrically and sonically speaking. Complete with carved-out flows and the Boston native’s lively energy, “Bands” is another 2020 track that’ll undoubtedly be in rotation for the weeks to come. Don’t sleep, listen to “Bands” below:

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