Briefcvse – “Billy Bad Son” [Prod. Christian Yoon & Breifcvse]

By: Seamus Fay

As you may recall, Graduation Music interviewed Boston collective 2020 just this past fall, and since then, the group of promising young creatives has done nothing but impress in every single one of their releases, both individually and collaboratively. Today, one of 2020’s own, Briefcvse, is here to bless our pages with a new single titled “Billy Bad Son” – a play on the DC character produced by Christian Yoon that you simply need to hear.

Channeling a hypnotic, introspective sound for this track, Briefcvse delves deep into his trials and tribulations with addiction and mental instability in a way that shows immense growth. It’s a highly introspective and incredibly personal release, showing fans the struggles that he has been through as he gives us a look into what makes Briefcvse, Briefcvse, and with all things considered, this song is incredible far beyond its transformative sound, as it takes storytelling and personal journey to another level. With that being said, be sure to listen to the latest from this 2020 member below, because “Billy Bad Son” is truly something special.


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