SuperSmashBroz – “Cuff Up” ft. Maka & Gin Mason

By: Seamus Fay

Taking into account their electric performance skills and standout releases as dot-connectors within Boston, it goes without saying that the SuperSmashBroz are known in their hometown as the premier DJ duo for getting your vibes right. With yesterday being Valentine’s Day, the SmashBroz were sure to bless the city with an anthem to fit the occasion, offering fans a new track titled “Cuff Up” featuring fellow local acts Maka and Gin Mason.

This track finds itself diving through tropical energy in order to supply the perfect sound for cuffing season, and considering the standout deliveries that both Maka and Mason came through with on this one, “Cuff Up” is able to establish itself as a standout single. Seamless as ever, the SmashBroz connected the dots once again, this time gifting us with a collaboration between two promising artists that were able to form a wonderful chemistry. With that being said, be sure to show some love to a few of Boston’s top runners by giving the latest from the SmashBroz and company below.


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