An Interview With REEF

By: Seamus Fay

Tagged by his ever-important slogan, “Music is Energy”, REEF is a Boston-based DJ for Cousin Stizz and producer known for enthusiastic performances and an unrivaled ear in curating mixes for any mood. In my own experiences, his infectious personality yields memorable shows night in and night out, and considering the positive mindset that this young talent brings to the city, he’s destined to continue on the path towards great things in the near future.

We here at Graduation Music had the opportunity to speak to REEF about his come-up in the DJ world, touring, and more. Check out our interview with him below.

To start off, where are you originally from?

I am from Boston, MA, born and raised.

Who were you listening to at a young age?

I was listening to a lot of great music as a youth such as Michael Jackson, The Temptations, The Stylistics, James Brown, Jagged Edge, The Isley Brothers, Avant, Chris Brown, Sam Cooke, T.I., Kanye, 50 Cent, etc. The list goes on but those are just a few.

If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Hmmm, that’s a hard question right there. I would have to go with Michael Jackson’s The Ultimate Collection because I always looked up to Michael Jackson. He loved everybody, was a true humanitarian, and made some of the most impactful music to this day.

At what point did you know that you wanted to become a DJ? How did you go about actually learning how to DJ?

You know what’s crazy? What really got me into DJing was playing DJ Hero when I was in middle school, but I didn’t start actually DJing until after high school.

I self-teach myself everything. I get inspired, then I focus.

How did you first meet Stizz?

It was around the Dojo days when we all use to hang out in the city when we wanted to get out of the hood to cleanse for a bit. I was just the cool youngin’ lol.

How did you become his DJ?

We were all chilling on Newbury – me, Stizz, Rah, Christmas, OG, etc. Christmas brought up the fact that it would be dope if I became Stizz’s DJ because at the time he didn’t have a fully committed DJ. So, I stacked up, got some equipment, and naturally, it went from there.

Name three food places in Boston that everyone needs to try.

Shittttt. There’s way more than that, but I would say Tasty Burger (Fenway Only), Silver Slipper (Roxbury), and Simco’s (Mattapan). There are many more, but those are my favorites.

Explain what “Music Is Energy” means to you.

Music Is Energy is a way of life. It’s a way we connect our energies within whether you’re playing a sport, running, dancing, singing, driving, relaxing, etc. Music gets us through so many obstacles in life and it’s all because of the artist’s and producer’s energy that they put into that track, just to sum it up a bit.


What is your favorite city to visit on tour and why?

LA because I love cruising, listening to great music, and looking at nice houses that I will someday acquire. It’s inspiring and cleansing.

What is one story from the One Night Only Tour that you want to share with our readers?

Lol, too many long, hilarious stories.

What did Stizz’s sold-out show at the House of Blues mean to you?

The HOBs show meant that this isn’t the final curtain call; we all have so far to go and it’s only the beginning.

Was there a specific moment that made you realize how monumental that show was for Boston?

When Stizz’s dad came on stage and felt all that energy when the crowd screamed in joy. Amazing.

What can fans expect from REEF in 2018?

Music and visuals from REEF. I’m not going to say – instead, I’ll just do it.

Lastly, any advice for aspiring DJs and/or producers?


Thank you to REEF for the interview and thank you for always providing the city with such positive energy. Boston appreciates you. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the rest of 2018.

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