Jack Karowak – “Form” [Prod. David Walker]

By: Seamus Fay

In my time covering Massachusetts’ budding music scene, I have stumbled across the name Jack Karowak a few times, but admittedly, I never really took the time to go through everything he has put out as of yet. However, with the release of his latest single, “Form”, I truly recognize what I was sleeping on. Not only is this young artist an absolute force vocally, but his stellar choice of production complements his natural talent wonderfully, subsequently making for some standout singles that I am just now getting hip to.

Produced by none other than David Walker, Karowak’s latest takes fans deep into his world with an introspective instrumental and reflective verses, offering his ambitions and his life with a genuine touch of personality. Acting as the cherry on top, the guitar and bass, courtesy of Brad Feeney and Pat Fey (respectively), bring this one to the next level, molding everything together and meshing with Karowak’s vocals seamlessly. Having said that, don’t make the mistake that I made – check out “Form” below and get hip to Jack Karowak as soon as possible – he’s onto something special.


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