LiBOSSi – “Cheryl David”

By: Seamus Fay

I may not have been hip up until just the other day, but believe when I tell you that Dorchester native LiBOSSi has a special song on his hands with his latest offering, “Cheryl David”. This ode to the Curb Your Enthusiasm actor is an unlikely yet wonderfully energetic product. It finds its sweet spot in the intersection between raw energy and passion, lending itself abundant replay value and a spot at the top of my playlist as one of my favorite songs of 2018 as of yet.

With that being said, the neon melodies are what first caused me to gravitate towards this single. Upon second listen, it was the emphatic, powerful synth leaps. After third listen, the standout verses and clever lyricism, and so on and so on. Every time I return to “Cheryl David” I find myself discovering and obsessing over a new characteristic of the song, and simply put, I can’t keep this one off of repeat. LiBOSSi did his thing on this track and we here at Graduation Music will certainly be paying attention to his corner in the future.

Be sure to show some love to Dorchester’s own by clicking play below.


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