Garrett Merk – “Bygones” [Prod. Mic Kellogg]

By: Seamus Fay

Growing a considerable fanbase throughout 2017, Boston native Garrett Merk’s genuine personality and polished artistry are undoubtedly about to lend themselves to a prosperous 2018 for this young talent. With every new release I find myself enjoying something new about his sound, and in this light, I can honestly say that Merk is ready to do big things in his hometown and beyond. Today, he’s back on our pages with a dope Mic Kellogg-produced single titled “Bygones”.

This track’s ability to resonate with any listener is immediately what marked it as special for me. Merk illustrates his lines of letting the past go and moving on to the bigger and better in the world with passionate cadences, and in the way that his vocals just meet with the surface of the instrumental, a wonderful sound is brought about in this offering. All in all, I’m a big fan of the direction that Garrett Merk is headed in, and this single should only reassure fans that he has much more on the way.

With that, be sure to listen to “Bygones” below.

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