Donald Grunge – “Never Broke(n) Again”

By: Seamus Fay

Within his musical catalog, we have seen Donald Grunge offer a variety of moods for any occasion. His unrivaled versatility is impressive to say the least, and in its added effect, Grunge has become known as one of MA’s most unique young artists. With that being said, this rising talent is back on our pages today with a self-produced track titled “Never Broke(n) Again”.

Rich with looming organs and hard-hitting percussion, this song acts as a sort of self-promise from Grunge. He’s committed to music, so much so that he is making it a mission for success in 2018. And, frankly so, with the range of sounds that he has blessed us with in the past, I fully believe that he can achieve this goal as an individual. However, beyond just Grunge, “Never Broke(n) Again” is an anthem for anyone ready to get to the bag in 2018, and it achieves its purpose wonderfully in that sense.

Overall, this is one of my personal favorite Donald Grunge tracks to date, so I recommend giving it a listen below and getting hip to a standout local creative.


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