Lord Felix – “Stunt” [Prod. Ricky Felix]

By: Seamus Fay

Anyone who has been following Graduation Music for some time now has most likely heard of Lord Felix and his ability to paint vivid images of life and its struggles time and time again with pinpoint accuracy. Add that to an incredibly polished image and calculated artistry, and it makes sense why Felix and the Van Buren crew are helping put on for Brockton right now with some truly incredible work in both fashion and music alike. Having said that, here enters the rising talent’s newest banger, “Stunt”.

Relentlessly aggressive and packed to the brim with infectious energy and triumphant cadences, Lord Felix’s latest is a power move from start to finish. This is the Brockton artist’s first single of the year, and with the eccentric yet hard-hitting, raw production from Rick Felix, the brotherly duo is already starting their 2018 on the right foot.

“Stunt” finds the flex-filled space in which it excels best and simply attacks using feverish energy and charismatic lines to fuel the fire. This is in every way a dope single to ramp up the anticipation of the fans for Felix’s forthcoming debut project, and although we may not know when it is coming, it is clear through the lens of this track that he has something special in store for us.

Be sure to check out “Stunt” below.

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