Polo $ummers – “Friends” ft. Gio Dee & Steven Cannon

By: Seamus Fay

It’s no secret by now that Boston’s own Polo $ummers and Gio Dee have formed an inimitable chemistry with one another throughout their numerous collaborative efforts over time. They run perfectly alongside eachother as a one-two punch in just about any atmosphere sound-wise, and today, returning to our pages with yet another collaboration, we receive a money-minded single titled “Friends” which also features a guest spot from Xanarchy’s Steven Cannon.

This track’s dedication to success and detailed description of the hustles that each of these young talents do in pursuit of success makes for a both intoxicating and relatable listen overall. Anyone can resonate with their undying hunt for Ben Franklins, and with the way that the unique flows represented on this track mesh together, “Friends” provides fans with a perfect sound to start off the year on a high note. Be sure to click play on this standout song below and enjoy what will surely be the soundtrack to getting to the bag during all of 2018.


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