By: Seamus Fay

After receiving widespread praise for the intoxicating energy displayed on “XURWIFI (Remix)”, Boston’s own WHYTRI had further solidified his role as one of the city’s most promising young talents – a natural entertainer that simply knows how to bring a wave with him on each and every release. Today, Tri is back on Graduation Music with a visual companion for the track alongside Rhode Island’s Lily Rayne that only enhances this song’s uncontainable replay value.

Shot by DBELIJAH, the video finds each of the two artists exploring their personalities in a well-illustrated manner. Tri rides around the city halfway out of the car as he screams lyrics while Rayne sits alongside her friends, drowning in red lighting that emphasizes her charismatic presence on the track and overall infectious delivery. It works perfectly as the visual counterpart to this banger of a release, and considering the fact this is the way that these two artists are starting off their 2018, I can only imagine what else they have in store. Keep “XURWIFI (Remix)” on repeat and peep the music video below.


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