Darius Heywood – “Hillside Eyes”

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton native Darius Heywood first struck our ears by means of effective lyricism and brutally honest deliveries. Hinimitableble vibe finds itself deeply ridden with life experience, and overall, this young artist holds sky high potential from what we have heard so far. Returning to our pages today with new visuals for “Hillside Eyes”, Heywood proves his skills once again as one of Brockton’s most promising upcoming acts.

The airy yet atmospheric production courtesy of Rauxy Woodro on this one was the first element that really brought me into the world that this song creates. It’s delicately-placed nature leaves room for Heywood’s dense yet emphatic lyrics, and detailing the unforgiving life that he has seen, the young artist illustrates his trials and tribulations with wrinkled scenes of both himself and Brockton (also including a cameo from Patrick Michel).

In whole, this video is most definitely a solid release to keep Darius Heywood’s stocks rising, so be sure to check it out below and keep an eye on him going into 2018.

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