Ashauni – “More Bands” [ft. Chris Morris]

By: Seamus Fay

Throughout 2017, the name Ashauni has rung out time and time again on our pages as one of Brockton’s most promising rising talents. Aside from that, making noteworthy noise within Massachusetts’ budding scene and undoubtedly impressing us upon listening are Twayne The Kidd, who just made his Graduation Music debut a few weeks ago, and Chris Morris, another young talent who has consistently delivered hard-hitting guest spots on some of our favorite tracks from the year. Last but not least comes Florida producer and frequent Cousin Stizz-collaborator DumDrumz, an incredible talent who, poised with an endless array of sounds to electrify any track, has simply become known to have the golden touch of sorts when it comes to crafting together hits.

Here enters the newest collaborative effort between these four rising talents, “More Bands”. Focused on the money yet addicted to the process, this track separates itself from the pack with rapidly-delivered lyricism and a certain charismatic touch to add the cherry on top in terms of personality. It’s unforgiving and ambitious, destined to do numbers and ready to keep the stocks rising for this all-around dream team. With that being said, I highly recommend giving “More Bands” a listen below if you want to hear some of Massachusetts’ most promising artists out right now. The potential is most certainly there, and with singles such as this one to lead the way, the execution is clearly following along.



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