MyCompiledThoughts Talks ‘WonderLust’, Creative Process, & More

By: Seamus Fay

Yesterday marked quite a special day in Boston. MyCompiledThoughts – a face of endless positivity and energy within the local scene that you can’t miss – finally blessed us with his new project, WonderLust. I’ve known about MCT for just about a year now, and in that short time, the growth and maturity that he has exhibited both musically and personally has been nothing short of an inspiration. But that’s a story for another time, now back to the tape.

9 tracks long, WonderLust takes a deep dive into the inner emotions and struggles of the promising young talent with a certain vulnerability that comes across as unapologetically authentic and organic in every way. Each song creates an atmosphere of colorful sounds and abundant emotion, and to watch and hear the creative vision of MCT seam together into one project makes for an incredibly thoughtful listen.

After my first few runs through the project, I’ve become intrigued with the way each song is placed so perfectly to represent a period or mindstate of Thoughts’, and from there, it only made sense that I had to interview him.

With that being said, learn more about the project by reading our conversation below and be sure to click play at the bottom of this article to support WonderLust.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 7.46.02 AM

To start things off, explain the title of the album. How does it fit the sentiment of the music and how does it describe your emotional state?

WonderLust: it basically means a desire to be in a constant state of wonder. It’s also the stage in a relationship where you don’t know if it’s lust or love, and it’s also relatively based off of “Wanderlust” which is a strong desire for, or impulse, to wander or travel and explore the world.

I made this project as a way for me to escape from the world and from my loneliness. In simple terms, this project is literally my way of expressing how it feels to be burnt by your twin flame. It’s supposed to be an emotional journey from start to finish – starting with “WonderLust” and getting lost in the lust for love and wonder, and ending where we find me in a “SpaceShip” making and appreciating the magic that is lust.

How would you explain your style to someone that hasn’t heard your music?

My style for someone that hasn’t heard my music before is something I want to call “ShoeGaze RnB”. What that means is my music is supposed to be somewhat of a unilateral piece. My vocals are heavily blended into the beat with reverb to help carry the sense of ambiance, and I find that when people attempt to box in my sound or project the way they think the music should be, they automatically complain about my music not being proper.

At the end of the day, with how am I as an artist, I stand behind my work. My music is a reflection of my feelings and my personality from the word usage to the fact that I am behind the beat. I take all feedback as a way to help me grow as a person and artist.

How do you define a “good song”? With this, how did you decide which songs would make this project?

I calculate the strength of a song by how many times I can listen to it. Each of the songs on the project I’ve probably listened to more than 200 times each. If I can get through a song I make without complaining about it, then I know for a fact it’s good enough for at least one person to enjoy.

I didn’t really decide how each song would make the project. Honestly, everything came together as one piece really naturally. At the time, my only intention was to make it out alive from my depression.

Where did you turn to for inspiration in the creation of this project?

Like I touched on my last answer, the thing that inspired this project was getting my heart broken. I fell into a beautiful depression earlier this year and this project gave me the strength to dig deeper and actually face my demons head-on instead of veiling myself with a smile. For example, on “Yours Pt.1,” it features a skit from my grandma crying. She’s mourning the loss of my uncle who was shot in the chest getting robbed in Belize. Basically, this whole project is supposed to be my life. It’s my escape.

What is one story from the creation of WonderLust that you would like to share with our readers?

A great story would be how I came up with the title. Driving back home from Nino’s listening party, me and WHYTRI were talking. I don’t remember what he said, but the vision of WonderLust overcame my brain. Shortly after that, we almost got into an accident with a deer. That moment literally put this whole project on a pedestal for me. [Tri] ended up doing the craziest 360 spin in the middle of the highway and after my 2-minute panic attack, we made it home safely.

Thank you to MyCompiledThoughts for the interview. This one meant a lot to me, and to hear the story behind music of such gravity truly enhances the listening experience in every aspect. Listen to WonderLust below and be sure to pay attention to MCT heading forward. His artistry has made for some truly incredible material as of yet, and at this point, the sky is the limit for the promising young talent.


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