MyCompiledThoughts – “Better Off Alone”

By: Seamus Fay

On the verge of releasing his latest project, WonderLust, Boston artist and well-documented Graduation Music-favorite, MyCompiledThoughts, is here today to unveil a single from his latest effort titled “Better Off Alone”. Following the deeply-rooted emotional atmosphere that the rising talent has been known to bring out in his music with a unique touch, this track is undoubtedly one of Thoughts’ finest releases in its guitar-ridden glory.

Featuring MelanieFaye, “Better Off Alone” works in a wondrous manner, forming itself around a deep exploration of the feelings brought about after a breakup or in times of perfect isolation. Thoughts is only getting better both lyrically and sonically, and with a single like this to fuel the anticipation for WonderLust coming on December 4th, I can’t stress enough the amount of promise that the young artist holds. I’ve watched him grow significantly since I first heard his name, and to see Thoughts truly putting out better and better, more authentic work with every release is an inspiration, to say the least. Listen to “Better off Alone” and be on the lookout for a MyCompiledThoughts x Graduation Music interview coming soon.


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