SuperSmashBroz – ‘Get Your Vibes Right Vol. 6’ [Mix]

By: Seamus Fay

Fresh off of an incredible set at Cousin Stizz’s homecoming House of Blues show, Roxbury DJ duo, the SuperSmashBroz, are back on our pages today with their sixth volume of the ever-popular Get Your Vibes Right mix series.

Proving time and time again that their intoxicating energy can effortlessly shut down any venue, this mix’s unique selection of hits not only from national stars, but also from some of Boston’s most promising talents, sets forward an energetic image of the success that the SuperSmashBroz have seen as of late. Their stocks are rising, and the music they chose for the mix definitely reflects this ambitious, exciting energy in a way that any listener can resonate with.


Additionally, starting just after the 19-minute mark, the Smashbroz threw in a complementary, Meltycanon-produced Michael Christmas exclusive potentially coming off of the Boston rapper’s forthcoming album. Bubbling with positive energy over the sparkling production, this track looks to its carefree vibe to effectively create an entirely new atmosphere of uplifting moods, setting the tone for what seems to be shaping up to be quite a project from Christmas.

I’ll defintiely be keeping this mix on the shortlist when in need of music for any upcoming functions, and I highly recommend you do the same. Get Your Vibes Right mixes have almost become staples of the music culture here in Boston, so don’t sleep on the sixth volume – click play below.


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