Haasan Barclay Talks New Project ‘800 Fantasy Lane’

By: Seamus Fay

In essence, Haasan Barclay is the quintessential example of the appeal and effect of staying true to oneself in everything that one does. His music acts not only as a testament to his incredible talents, but also to the self-confidence and individuality that truly make artists stand out among the crowd. With that being said, the Boston creative and Graduation Music frequent flyer is here today to bless our pages with his latest EP 800 Fantasy Lane.

4 tracks in length, the illustrative production on this one is perhaps its most influential element, complemented by Barclay’s emotional deliveries and thoughtful lyricism. Everything on the project is packaged in a nostalgic casing with an overwhelming atmosphere formed in every aspect of the creative direction, and I don’t think fans could have asked for a more personal project. The guitar-fueled energy of 800 Fantasy Lane is present throughout every second, speaking to yet another element of the appeal in its ability to translate so easily to a live stage.

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In light of the project, Barclay answered a few questions for us about the creative process that you can read below. Thank you to Haasan and his team. It’s only a matter of time with releases this solid to lead the way.

What does the title 800 Fantasy Lane mean to you? At what point did you realize it was the perfect name to represent such an incredible body of work?

To me, 800 Fantasy Lane expresses the idea of following the path of your emotions. Every track on this EP expresses a passionate emotion; lust, self destruction, fear itself. Sometimes it’s fun to get lost in, sometimes it’s painful or therapeutic. You shouldn’t be afraid to follow your passions and see them through. Liv and I saw it as the title of a really crazy porno from the 70s and it just stuck.

How long did the making of the project take? What motivated you during its creation?

I started this project with Live For You almost a year ago. It was the first time in my life that I had the freedom to throw myself into the music and I dove in head first. Seclusion is a great motivator for me. Now I want to go off the grid and come back to society with a masterpiece.

In the last few days before its release, what was going through your head?

Right before a release is always stressful, but this time was really chill. I didn’t have the same level of anxiety I’d had before, but I really felt myself leveling up this time. There was no doubt that I put my best forward and was ready for the world to see it.

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