MAKA – “Live In Boston”

By: Seamus Fay

If you’re unfamiliar with his past work, Maka is a Boston-based artist known to deliver looming hooks and tropical lyricism in his well-known, captivating voice, almost always utilizing slower, more laid-out vocal performances to bring the energy to the table. After taking to Twitter yesterday with a poll asking what new music he should drop, the rising talent was hit with an enthusiastic vote from the people for a rap song.

And with a rap song, he returned. Earlier today, Maka blessed our ears with his latest offering, “Live In Boston”. Although it may be an experimental attempt at a new style, I can honestly say that this is some of his best material yet, in my opinion. Bar-after-bar, Maka proves that he can do it all with memorable lines and a charismatic delivery, topped off by smooth flows that speak to the range of talents that he really holds. This self-produced single also achieves another angle of appeal with bass-heavy production, simple in its pattern, but undeniably effective its trunk-rattling sound.

I truly didn’t expect to enjoy this creative venture so much, and now that Maka’s already-impressive versatility has been proven to a new extent, I wouldn’t mind more music like this in the future. I could keep going on, but to wrap things up, you need to check out “Live In Boston” below. Trust me on this one.

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