[PREMIERE] Gengis Don – “Keep It Grimy” ft. YoungCTheGreat & MyCompiledThoughts

By: Seamus Fay

Gengis Don, YoungCTheGreat, and MyCompiledThoughts: three artists poised with incredible songwriting skills and intoxicating styles that have blessed our pages time and time again. Each of the three artists is creating a wave of their own right now, and frankly, I believe that they are some of the finest upcoming artists to keep an eye on at the moment. Through passionate releases, polished artistry, and inimitable styles, I’m excited to watch the stocks rise for Don, YoungC, and MCT as time goes on. Today, we’re proud to premiere their latest collaboration titled “Keep It Grimy”, a fitting track for this Halloween season that will have your head nodding within seconds.

“Keep It Grimy” is, well, incredibly grimy. Alongside ominous production from Don himself, YoungC and MCT are given a gritty platform to shine in their respective roles with charismatic deliveries and hard-hitting lyricism. Beyond that, the chemistry between each artist is nearly unmatched in the way that they weave in and out of each other’s work with immense accuracy and grace. They’re a dream team in their own respect and “Keep It Grimy” is a testament to the unique ear that Don has for finding the perfect talent to bless his unique production.

This release will act as the final single from Gengis Don and YoungCTheGreat’s forthcoming collaboration EP, and if “Keep It Grimy” is any indication of the heat they have in store, then I can’t wait for the project to drop. Considering the other singles that the two rising talents have given us, it seems like versatility and diversity will be some of the dominating aspects of the EP that will attract listeners and prove the artistry at hand. Click play below on “Keep It Grimy” and get hip to one of the best recent releases out of Boston.



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