Feedback Fridays Edition 2: Leon Lavvish & Jaye Bradley

By: Ilian

Welcome to the second edition of Feedback Fridays, hosted by Graduation Music. I’m Ilian, a producer from the greater Boston area.

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Leon Lavvish – “Diamond Dog”

Our first submission this week comes from Leon Lavvish, a local producer/artist from Boston. We will be listening to his self-produced track “Diamond Dog” from his most recent project Stories Of A VIP.

The beat on this one is led by an eerie string melody and piano chords that make your head bob with ease. Leon doesn’t take long until he starts barring out, immediately charging in with the lines “Came from the dirt I’m a diamond in the ruff/ Man I keep talking up till we calling it bluff/ Looking what’s up, I heard you all in your feelings that’s funny well keep that shit up.” The rising artist’s flow rides over the strings seamlessly, and the bars simply don’t stop. In addition, a well-placed beat switch comes in at 1:20 to chop things up, as Lavvish maintains his attacking flow.

This track goes hard. The Boston artist doesn’t hold back at all, not even needing to rely on a hook for variation. He goes hard throughout the entire two minutes, nonstop. Everything feels mixed well and polished, and the experience that this one creates is apparent. My only minor criticism, which may be personal preference, is that the ad-libs occasionally feel too loud and drown out the lead vocals. Otherwise, this is a fantastic release. Be on the lookout for more from Leon Lavvish in the future.

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Jaye Bradley – “Privacy”

The second track we will be listening to today is the self-produced release “Privacy” by Jaye Bradley, an artist living between Orlando, Las Vegas and Easton, PA.

The beat is led by a Kanye-esque soul sample and an ambient synth pad as Jaye provides listeners with an infectious hook, saying “I just need some privacy/ Please don’t say you love me cuz I hate when people lie to me/ They ask me who I think I am, whoever I decide to be.” The young artist opens up about many of his personal issues on this one including fake friends and the negativity around him, giving listeners a personal experience to relate to.

“Privacy” is a fast-paced anthem, very reminiscent of mid-2000s rap, but also beautifully adapting to modern trap. Jaye’s style is a breath of fresh air from ad-lib rapping, and it feels very personal in a memorable way. This song clearly has a message that goes further than the surface, proving that the PA artist has a lot to offer. It’s also a very professional sounding release that shows us professionalism and a well-packaged approach.

Thanks for listening to our second Feedback Friday. To submit your own tracks send us a link at

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