Gio Dee – “Told Ya” ft. Polo $ummers

By: Seamus Fay

Never ceasing to come through with smooth vocals and an ample supply of emotion, Gio Dee and Polo $ummers have quickly identified themselves as standout names in their hometown of Boston. Together, the duo is virtually unstoppable, proving to be a consistent team with their newest offering “Told Ya”. If you ever doubted either artist, just know that they told you they could make it – and just that is what they’ve done. The hypnotic single, laidback with floating deliveries, reflects on hard work and the success it has yielded. “Told Ya” also furthers itself as proof that both Dee and $ummers are creating their own wave right now, daring anyone to doubt them as they rise to the top.

With Gio Dee’s forthcoming project SuperPowers coming this December, this single is a perfect preview for the heat to come. One aspect of the versatile artist’s skills that I first became a fan of was his ability to talk of success with such a veteran’s perspective, all the while portraying his hopeful perspective for the future to come. By mixing the two elements, Dee is able to create atmospheres of relatability for fans, making the listener’s experience with every release one to remember. “Told Ya” is ready to do numbers, so hop on the wave by clicking play below.


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