$wooli ft. Rachel Aiello – “Rainy Days”

By: Shamus Hill

$wooli is one of the many talents coming out of Boston right now, and he truly showcases that talent alongside Rachel Aiello in “Rainy Days”. The track showcases his struggle between being an artist and maintaining a relationship, which, as $wooli details, ultimately doesn’t end up working out in this case. While I was not familiar with any of Rachel Aiello’s music prior, the pair really came through for us on the hook, making the song extremely catchy and lending it quite a bit of replay value.

Through his music, $wooli is able to string together what he’s experienced in life thus far, and being a young adult, a lot of these struggles are relatable. A friend of mine got me hip to $wooli during December of last year, and for the months following I was bumping his track “Zoning” constantly. I’m a little upset with myself for not listening to “Rainy Days” sooner, but either way, it’s one of the dopest songs that I came across this past week. Show some love to $wooli and bump “Rainy Days” below.

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