CGF Productions previews Phill Mycup’s potential.

By: Chris Durkin

Early on in the week, CGF Productions’ musical engineer and producer, Toso, took to Twitter with a preview of what he has in the vault for his dedicated fan base. Simply captioned “@PhillMycup”, the 10-second preview took place in CGF’s studio and oozed of the creativity that Toso seems to always bring to the plate. In the dim studio lighting stood the silhouette of Phill Mycup, nodding his head to a mumbled flow in the background of the beat. Based on what we’re hearing, the rising artist seems to be bringing out a side that no one has seen of him yet in the music industry.

This beat seemed to be a little bit different from the usual energetic, dancehall music CGF Productions tends to put out, leaning towards a darker “drill” type beat. Your everyday rapper would usually have a trouble with such a transition, but with a composer of Phill Mycup’s talents, I can see why CGF decided to test the boundaries. The grounds seem to be endless using this video as a reference, so expect whatever is on the way to be great.

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