Feedback Fridays Edition 1: Gio $hyne & CHOVI

By: Ilian

Welcome to the first edition of Feedback Fridays hosted by Graduation Music. I’m Ilian, a producer from the greater Boston area and I’m here to provide feedback to local artists.

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Gio $hyne – “Gas In My Head”

Our first submission this week comes from 19-year old Dorchester rapper, Gio $hyne. $hyne has been releasing music for about a year now, gaining a considerable following and turning some heads within the local scene. The track I will be giving feedback to is his most recent song, “Gas in My Head, produced by Christian Yoon.

“Gas in My Head” provides laid-back production with some glittering chords and a synth arp in the background. The hook charges in with Gio $hyne chanting “shawty put gas in my head”, and I was immediately drawn to the energy and catchy lyricism that this chorus brings about. His delivery on the track is polished and professional with the ability to gain attention and respect from the fact that it doesn’t sound like a struggle rapper. I love the bar “Cuz I’m in her phone under Propane Brain/ Flippin the shit like a dope game lane/ She needed me like some cocaine brain/ Bread on my head tryna roll gang gang”. Gio spits this in triplets, riding over the beat and being sure to include a number of smaller elements and chants in the background that add a nice touch to the beat. 

I was pleasantly surprised with this song, as Gio’s voice and Christian Yoon’s production fit well together. My only complaint about this song would be the mixing. The chords are overpowering and drown out the rest of the beat and even Gio’s voice at some points. If the chords were brought down a couple decibels, this song is a flawless banger. My final piece of advice is to get this on Apple Music and Spotify – I need this in my playlist.

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CHOVI – “My Mistake (All Mine)”

The next submission comes from Massachusetts rapper CHOVI with”My Mistake (All Mine)”.

First impressions are vitally important for an artist. With so many rappers trying to make it in the game, you need to stand out. The cover used for this song does not set a strong one first impression. To make it as an artist, you must brand yourself professionally. If you don’t hold yourself as a professional, you will not be taken as one. CHOVI’s homemade cover does not convey this attitude.

Moving onto the song, I first noticed that has CHOVI has a “rapper’s voice” in a sense, relying on autotune to sing. His flows on the hook and the verse aren’t bad, but they don’t provide anything extra to make the song pop. However, the lines “I’m a plumber, I just care if I pipe right” made me laugh along with “bitch made like a facebook activist”. This humorous wordplay helps offset the stale flows and adds value to the song. The beat is very much like the vocals, not bad but without much replay value.

All in all, I didn’t hate the song. CHOVI has room to grow, but also some potential. With an improved flow and more practice, CHOVI surely has the potential to grow and make a name for himself in Boston.

Thank you for listening to our first Feedback Friday. To submit your own tracks, send us a link at

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