SuperSmashBroz – “Grab It” ft. Plad Fine$$e, Lil Rich, & Chi [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

This past summer, the SuperSmashBroz supplied Boston with a number of dream team collaborations on their debut tape Family Cookout. One of these collaborations was found in the song “Grab It”, joining the unique forces of Plad Fine$$e, Lil Rich, and Chi to make for an in-your-face track that I’ve had on repeat since it dropped.

Today, the energy-filled DJ duo is here to revisit “Grab It” with ominous visuals directed and shot by BT Livin. Within dark scenes of robbery and tension, the music video explores the street life that each artist so well illustrates in their respective verses. Not only did we receive a gem in this song in the first place, but now the world has well-fitting visuals to go right alongside it. Watch “Grab It” below:


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