An Interview With Cave

By: Seamus Fay

Throughout the past few years, Cave has become a name widely known within the Boston music scene and beyond for having extreme versatility and standout energy in all aspects of his creative identity, making for an incredibly unique and diverse artist as a whole. His ability to tell vivid stories through descriptive lyrics and emotion-packed production is nearly unmatched, and with such a consistent output of great visuals to complement these skills, it’s no wonder that Cave’s stock is rising quickly as a premier talent. Recently relocating to Brooklyn, we wanted to check in with the remarkable jack of all trades and see how life has been for him along with how he got to this point in his career. You can read the interview below.

So to start things off, where are you originally from?

Dirty Dorchester.

What was your home life like growing up? What were you like as a kid?

I grew up on Draper St. That street is infamous in Boston, lol. My dad left when I was 5. Unreconcilable differences or whatever. But my moms remarried and together, her and my step pops tried to give me the best life they could. I played football for the Dorchester Eagles from age 7 till like 13 I believe. I always thought I’d go to the league, lol. Almost did, though. I went Div. 1aa UMaine. I was a mix between an outside kid and inside kid. Like I loooved video games and comics and shit but then I also loved going outside to play n shit. Get into some trouble, vandalize shit, usual hood baby shit, lol. I started to sneak out the house a lot at night around the age of 14. I would come alive in the night. And a lotta times I was leaving to get some pussy so that gave a nigga some courage to face the dark, lol.


How did growing up in Dorchester shape you as a person?

Kept me on toes. Taught me how to navigate the world, almost. I also feel like Dorchester is the most diverse town in the city culturally. So I feel like that gave me a lot of flavor and sauce n shit. Dorchester’s more about making money than a lot of hoods in Boston so I also got a sort of hustlers mentality from there. But Dorchester was also a lil safer than other areas (well at least for me growing up), so it gave me a lot of room to be myself and mature how I liked while still having the right amount of street knowledge.

When did music come into play?

I started making music about 4 years ago because I was bored. My old homie makes music so I went over his house to record one day. Made a song and his moms came in like, “you can rap! Ya voice is amazing” and my homie looked at her kinda like “yeah right”. So I seen that and was like “bet”. It started off on some petty “watch me” shit, but then I realized I truly love expressing myself through any medium really. I fell in love

I fell in love with music when I was 5. After I started doing acid I realized music was my first drug – it was something that I could do or “take” that instantly changed my mood, like Molly or sumn’.

How would you describe your style of music to someone who hasn’t heard it?

Right now it’s still in its awkward teen years, just hitting puberty. So sonically that translates into a lot of angst. It can be dark at times because I was in a real dark place for the last 3 years. But I got craaaaazy shit in the cut. Just tryna time it all up.

What’s your process in creating music? How do you translate that dark place into a song for others to resonate with?

I kinda just purge. It’s like throwing up or shitting for me, lol. When I gotta go I gotta go! And the dark shit just kinda comes out the same way the other shit does. I guess it’s just some shit on my chest that I have to say sometimes.

I’ve definitely seen patterns and reoccurring characters in your music lately. Is this on purpose? Is there a larger narrative that is loosely being told or is your music simply a reflection of what you’re going through at a given time, letting fans watch you grow as a person?

Yes and yes. It’s a narrative on how I’m growing in the world around us. My job as an artist is to reflect the times in which we live, so I do that from my perspective because that’s what I know best. But I know my perspective isn’t all that different from the person’s perspective because it all boils down to how you feel at the end of the day. I believe that’s why I lace a lot of emotion in my music. I believe emotions are SUPER UNIVERSAL, almost giving us telepathic levels of communication with one another.

What other artists do you feel most connected to in this way?

Kanye West. Jimi Hendrix. 2D of Gorillaz. James Blake. Young Thug. Kurt Cobain. Tyler, The Creator. Kendrick Lamar. Andre 3000.

Which person on this list would you most like to collaborate with and why?

I would say Kurt. I feel like he’d show me the most about myself.

Straying from that a bit, you recently relocated to New York, right?


How has that affected your mind state in terms of music and art in general?

Money, money, money. It’s all I care about now. New York turning me into a monster, lmao.

Rams is another formerly Boston artist relocated to NY. How did you two first meet?

When I dropped one of my first songs, Rams hit me up on SoundCloud like, “yo ya on some different shit. Like ya ahead of niggas. Keep doing that.” I saw how he cool he looked and I was flattered that he liked my shit, lol. It just grew organically from there. Rams is my brother 4 life.

Your visuals are on another level and everybody recognizes it. Why do you emphasize the visual aspects of your art so much?

I feel like visuals tie the whole story together- presents the total package of it all. And I also started off as a visual guy with art. It probably has to do a lot with my ADHD, too.

You started off as a visual guy?

Yea. Taking photos, painting, and shit.

Do you see yourself venturing into short films and longer visuals such as that in the future?

Definitely. Without a doubt. I’m an artist first. Rapping is cool, too. I just wanna express myself. Make the world feel me as much as I feel it.

Looking at the events of the past few years, how do you feel like Boston has grown in terms of the music scene? How does the city’s growth make you feel being that you grew up there?

It’s amazing and sad at the same time. It’s dope to finally see Boston getting some light shined on it from the obvious attention Stizz brought to it. I also feel like it suffered from that, too. It’s really interesting.

In what ways has it suffered from that?

He and Tim made it look easy so everyone at home thinks it’s supposed to just “happen” for them. I feel like it inflated everyone’s ego; Mines included for a lil while. Could lead to some unrealistic expectations.


What are some of the main differences you have noticed between Boston and New York since moving?

People are way more willing to work with one another here. And clout is a real thing here, lol. Funny but not funny. Like you’ll see some of the brokest people in the best places. Clout equals access here. And there’s an actual physical scene here. Very poppin, lol. Bostons “scene” exists most online.

What are your goals in music and art as a whole? Who do you want to be known as?

My goal in music is to be considered one of the best hip-hop artists of all time. Period. I don’t care how long that takes me. I want to be known as personified will. Will in human form.

What can fans expect from Cave in the coming months?

A lot of fun shit. I’m over a lot of things that were keeping me in the dark. I’m living an exciting new life. Making money. So expect the music to reflect that – but from MY own perspective, so it should be interesting. Never cared about money like that until I moved here so it’s gonna be fun to see how I purge all this out, lol.

Shout out to my NSFW fam, my momma, and to any weak nigga thinking they can hold us back.

After interviewing Cave, I realize that his creative identity speaks for itself. He’s an incredibly genuine person, and by staying true to himself throughout his journey so far, he has proven time and time again to be a star in his own right. It’s only up from here.

Thank you again to Cave for the interview. Keep shining, my guy. 


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