Rosewood Bape – “Daily” ft. DJ JFresh [Pord. Jamz]

By: Seamus Fay

Rosewood Bape has become a frequent flyer on our pages lately and today he’s back to add to his streak with a new single titled “Daily” featuring DJ JFresh. For starters, this may be one of my favorite releases from the Boston artist’s catalog as of yet. It’s relaxed yet flex-worthy, shedding light on the effortless style that Bape possesses and further giving fans a look into the life that his hard work has manifested. He’s clearly living his best life, and it makes me proud to hear him flex it.

Another aspect of this song that immediately drew me in was just how quotable each line was. Bar after bar, the lyrics roll into one another with seamless transitions and a smooth presence. Nothing is rushed, but instead, it’s delivered with control and grace, helping to push the laid-back mood that the production via Jamz brings across. Overall, each element of the track falls right into place to make for a high-quality listen, so be sure not to sleep on Rosewood Bape and listen to “Daily” below.

I’m getting to the bag I do it daily, I make these n***as mad I do it daily

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