CountFOV is feeling “Like A Star” with his latest release.

By: Chris Durkin

Rising Boston artist CountFOV is back and better than ever after what seemed to be a leave of absence from the game as he pursues the completion of his forthcoming album. His newest offering “Like A Star” definitely brings the originality, flow, and intoxicating melodies that are apparent in all of his work, and with the single being dropped before an expected album release, you can predict that the album to be dropped sooner than later. When shared to Count’s Twitter feed, he simply captioned the tweet “you can have this”. He’s confident in himself and his music, and rightfully so; The rising artist definitely has the talent to back it up.

Count has already guaranteed remastered songs from previous years (circa ’16) to be included on the album such as “Love Me Now” – a track that many people would mark as some of his best work to date. Knowing how much the young talent has evolved as an artist, it’s clear that the revamped and remastered version will be insane. The diligence behind CountFOV’s work is what makes him significant, and knowing he was able to offer fans a song with a song as high-quality as “Like A Star” just reiterates the point that Count’s album will be worth keeping an eye out for. Listen to the single below and get familiar with one of Boston’s hidden gems.

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