Cave – “Kamikaze” [Prod. Cave, OBeatz, MAKA]

By: Seamus Fay

If you’re looking for a banger, look no further. Cave’s newest single “Kamikaze” is this and more, not to mention the fact that it gives us the dream team collaboration of MAKA, OBeatz, and Cave himself on the boards. To fully understand and appreciate such a hard-hitting song, you should first learn some background on Cave. About a year ago, I saw him perform “RYU” alongside OG Swaggerdick at the Middle East Upstairs. And after that, I can proudly say that few artists have shown better stage presence than Cave did that night. His music and persona are always sure to maximize the energy of a crowd (i.e.“RYU”, “Tank E”, etc), definitely maintaining this reputation with his latest offering.

“Kamikaze” points to intimidating cadences from the Dorchester artist to complement a never-ending cycle of that keeps listeners entertained throughout each second of the nearly 3-minute song. Lyrically, this one shows us a classic Cave performance. He’s aggressive, confident, and never afraid to speak his mind. However, what made this one hit just right for me was not only these aspects, but the background vocals as well. In drowning bouts of autotuned singing, a contrast is created between the focus of the song and the background singing, pushing for a very full sound. To put it simply, this is an incredibly dope release. Listen to “Kamikaze” below:

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