Phill MyCup brings the HEAT to “Wasabi”.

By: Chris Durkin


After Phill MyCup’s performance at Summer Jam hosted by JAMN 94.5, you knew had to expect some serious heat to his next solo project with CGF Productions. They did just that with a rhythm and chorus guaranteed to get you on your feet. Toso, the lead engineer and producer on this track is really starting to establish a name for himself at the top of CGF with Phill MyCup. It will be hard to over throw a duo with a composer of Phill MyCup’s caliber with an Engineer/Producer of Toso’s caliber. This is only beginning of what this combo that makes up CGF Productions has in store.

CGF Productions came with some crazy visuals for the banger, directed by Fitz The Runaway. The shots consisted of what seems to be an everyday gathering for the CGF squad… foreign cars and foreign broads. The mood is set with up close “body on body” visuals almost brining the song to life in the video. Fitz The Runaway did a miraculous job bringing a modern day twist to the early 2000’s themed rap video. Car rally’s and a bunch of beautiful women screams “Nelly!” to me. CGF Productions brought some serious heat all around with, “Wasabi”.


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