Young Seuss – “Numb”

By: Seamus Fay

Armed with lyrical and production abilities far beyond his years, Boston’s own Young Seuss is back on our pages today with his new single “Numb”. When describing the song in the description on SoundCloud, he wrote:

Self Produced, Engineered and Recorded Track about the struggles of relationships and how progressing through hardship can lead to brighter days.

Seuss has covered a wide range of topics in the past, some serious and some not so serious, but in either case he’s shown to put genuine feeling into his lyrics. They never cease to be relatable in one way or another – one of the many skills that will help take this emerging talent to the top.

It’s also important to mention the production on this single. The melodies remain relatively constant throughout, perfectly fine considering how fitting they prove to be, but the drum patterns switch up numerous times. Seuss definitely experimented with the way his drums came together on this track, and in all honesty, I didn’t find one instance where I felt like the pattern didn’t hit right or it lost my attention. I was shown a textbook example of the young talent’s growth as a producer, and I feel confident in saying that Young Seuss is well on his way to becoming a premier local artist in regards to production.

“Numb” is an engaging release in every aspect, pointing with great detail to innocent production in order to find genuine feeling and emotion among such serious subjects. With this, I want to emphasize that it’s not one to sleep on, so listen to the new single below:


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