WHYTRI – “SCKHUM BAG” [Premiere]

By: Seamus Fay

The first aspect of WHYTRI’s music that really connected with me was the immense energy that it brings about, emphasizing the passion that the young talent comes to the mic with every time he gets the chance. Throughout ambitious verses and a seemingly endless supply of infectious adlibs, each song of his comes together to form the perfect storm, especially when it comes time to translate to a live performance. All this and more made me a fan from the moment I first heard WHYTRI’s music, and I’ve remained a fan because of his consistent output of standout tracks, watching him quickly gain a reputation as a name to watch in Boston’s bubbling music scene.

Today we are happy to announce that WHYTRI is here with Graduation Music to premiere a new single titled “SCKHUM BAG”. This may just be his best work to date, and with enticingly personal verses to align with an ominous delivery, this track lives up to TRI’s full potential and beyond. I was incredibly impressed upon first listen, and when asked to help premiere the song, I held no hesitation in saying yes. If there’s a certain sweet spot where WHYTRI excels sonically, this is clearly it.

Produced by Arbus Beats, “SCKHUM BAG” highlights the lyrical acrobatics performed by the rising artist with an eerie instrumental and hard-hitting bassline to fuel the fire. It’s a banger in respect to production, meanwhile conscious and introspective in respect to lyricism. With this, WHYTRI clearly gives fans the best of both worlds with an incredible new single, and I feel fully confident in saying that this is one of the best releases we have heard all month. Listen to “SCKHUM BAG” below and click here to read an interview we conducted with WHYTRI last November.


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