Juxi – “Leave Me Alone”

By: Seamus Fay

Juxi first came to my attention about 2 months ago when I heard “Thrasher” for the first time. Sent to me from his cousin, Corey Dash, I had to get in contact with him. It was one of those songs where you know from the opening notes – this is the one. Fast forward a week, we meet at a Jefe Replay show. Fast forward another week, we do an interview together. It all happened so quickly, but with so much potential hidden within “Thrasher”, it all made sense. I truly believed that Juxi had it. He knew how to turn heads, it just became a matter of showing that to the world.

And he’s ready to do just that with his newest single “Leave Me Alone”. Not only does the track possess the same potential that “Thrasher” did, if not more, but it also proves another skill of Juxi’s, letting fans know that he has consistency on his side and there’s a lot more to come. The energy so clearly shown through the whistling Banbwoi melodies and echoing kicks is nothing short of infectious, and to add to its appeal, Juxi’s delivery is only getting better. His knack for offering unforgettable hooks in such an effortless manner is nearly unmatched, showing the Dorchester artist’s clear understanding of his skillset. Juxi clearly understands how to hook listeners in, and the enticing, relatable lines that give “Leave Me Alone” such personality only work to that advantage.

Instead of listing off more reasons why this song is ready for the top, I simply want to mention that upon receiving the MP3 file from Juxi last week, I listened to this song pretty much every day during school, never getting bored along the way. I’m excited to watch the numbers run up on this one, and I can’t wait for the future that Juxi is paving for himself to come to fruition. It’s only a matter of time. Listen to “Leave Me Alone” below:

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