$ean Wire – “UntitledHome”

By: Seamus Fay

It’s no secret that $ean Wire is an incredible artist when it comes to songwriting and creating a strong aesthetic with each and every release. A primary example of this? His latest song “UntitledHome”. The track features emotionally taxing lyrics about love and its ups and downs, and with soft keys to lighten up the background alongside the bold drum patterns, Wire achieves a level of contrast that speaks so well on the duality of love: the good and bad of it.

I think my favorite part of this song, although it’s definitely hard to choose, is the way the first verse and chorus work against each other. The first verse talks about a dying heart and the way love can crumble, shown in the line “Despite all the times I’ve been blinded
By a perfect world
“. He follows this with a hook immediately falling back in love with a girl in a maroon dress, out in the field that Wire has his eyes on – the constant cycle and tendency of a person to fall in and out of love. The passionate delivery tells his own stories so well, and I love where the Boston artist went with this single. $ean Wire’s potential is through the roof, and I’m excited to watch him make more noise in the future. Listen to “UntitledHome” below:

You can also read through the lyrics on Genius here:


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