CHEF BAER – “Summertime” ft. TeaMarrr

By: Seamus Fay

Seattle’s own Chef Baer just released a new project titled Flour, a 10-track display of stand out artistry and consistency that honestly caught me by surprise. It’s definitely worth checking out in full, but today I wanted to focus on one track in particular: “Summertime” featuring Boston artist TeaMarrr. This might just hold the title as my favorite track on the project at the moment, and with the return to school coming so abruptly in these past few weeks, this song is a great escape to remember the energy of the summer in all of its glory.

Although the subject matter covered speaks on the negative, less-attached sides of love, its relatability shines, and to form such a stark contrast between these topics and the up tempo production is a great move from Baer and TeaMarrr, collectively. They have an unspoken chemistry that makes for some high-quality music, and I’m very much here for it. Even beyond the artistry shown between the lyrics and production, we have to talk about the talent that TeaMarrr shows us on this release.

With soul-filled, playful deliveries to compliment her unbelievable voice, it’s clear that the Boston singer knows her strengths, playing them up to their full potential in this track. Baer definitely made the right choice with picking her for the feature, and I don’t know that I’ve heard any other artist in recent months capture the raw emotion and ups and downs that can come with a summertime fling as well TeaMarrr did. This is a standout track and, rightfully so, I’ve been watching it receive quite a bit of well-deserved praise in its first few days out. Listen to “Summertime” below:

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