King J – ‘My Favorite Things’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

After four well-received editions of the fan-favorite “Freestyle Fridays”, King J has finally released his debut mixtape My Favorite Things. With his fun-loving, often relatable style showing through on each of the 9 tracks, this tape shows that the rising artist knows exactly where he excels, hitting the nail on the head with each song. Embedded in its title, My Favorite Things really does give us a look at all the aspects of J’s personality and life, honing in on the specific emotions and interests that make him who he is. In a lot of ways, it feels like a personal conversation with King J, absent of the awkward barrier sometimes felt between artist and fan during the listening experience.

While trying to write this, I realized that it’s not easy to come up with umbrella statements for such a diverse, all-over-the-place kind of project. A plethora of emotions and styles make this mixtape special, and if I tried to describe it with general statements I would be ignorant of its full potential. The reality is that King J really did his thing on this when it comes to creating a debut that can bring people together and resonate with them during any emotion they feel, and he deserves more credit than I can give him for that. Listen to My Favorite Things below and enjoy the talent that King J has to offer:

BTW, I just need to mention how incredible that Meltycanon placement is – favorite song on the tape at the moment.

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