Gio Dee – “Can You Count” Ft. IAMSU

By: Seamus Fay

It seems like every time I check social media nowadays I find new Gio Dee music. He’s everywhere, and I’m always excited to listen to new music from one of Boston’s premier artists right now – by the way, you need to pay attention to the hot streak he’s on at the moment, incredible stuff.

A few days back, producer MexikoDro released some exclusive songs on his SoundCloud, one of which was from Gio Dee titled “Can You Count” featuring IAMSU. If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say he is one of the most talented hook-writers out right now, I challenge you to listen to “Can You Count” a few times without singing every lyric right after. The song is one of the catchiest I’ve heard from Dee yet, and although it’s just a loose release, I must say it hits all the criteria for me when it comes to adding music to my personal playlist.

In addition, both IAMSU and MexikoDro snapped. The production could energize an entire venue with ease, and IAMSU compliments Gio Dee’s style perfectly with a quotable guest verse for the ages. Listen to “Can You Count” below, and keep an eye out for the Superpowers EP coming soon:

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