Durkin & Maka – ‘Another Island’ EP

By: Seamus Fay

After receiving quite the warm welcome with their first single “Waterworld” last week, Boston artists Durkin and Maka are finally here with their EP Another Island via Fool’s Gold Records. 5 tracks long, there is not a weak point, a boring stretch, or any evidence of a skippable moment on the project; Every song supplies a unique tropical energy not only in the vocal performances, but in the wavy, synth-led production as well. Another Island truly transports listeners to an obscure island surrounded by nothing but incredible landscapes and glowing sunlight, providing an escape from the problems encountered in everyday life and making the vibe so easy to get behind and embrace.

The artistry on this project is definitely what will set it aside from other releases this year. To have such an experimental vision is one thing, but it’s a completely different entity to execute that vision in such a seamless, infectious fashion. Not for a second do I doubt that any of the songs on this EP could be hits, and I’m happy to say I listened to this project 4 times so far today. It’s incredibly easy to run back in its effortless happiness, and with bright flashes of various genres of music to fuel the fire within each song, it only makes sense that people will keep coming back to hear such a diverse project. Listen to Another Island on SoundCloud below, or click the following link to listen to it on your choice of streaming service.


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