Gio Dee – “Humble Pie” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

With his SUPERPOWERS EP on the way, Gio Dee has been blessing us with new music week after week for some time now. And the best part of it all? Not one of those songs felt rushed or below par. We’ve been able to see the Boston artist’s incredible work ethic in the last few weeks, and it looks like he will continue to put it on display, even dropping a new music video for “Humble Pie” (prod. by New Gold Metal) today.

Shot and edited by Evan Croker, this music video keeps it straight forward, emphasizing Dee’s determined attitude and resolution to stay on the path to success that he’s already come so far along. It’s inspirational to see such a hard worker reap the benefits of his long nights and early mornings, and I’m proud to be witnessing such a great story come into existence. Watch the music video for “Humble Pie” below, and get ready for the SUPERPOWERS EP coming soon:

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