Jiggz TB – “Cool Killer” [PREMIERE]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s a known fact by now that Dorchester’s own Jiggz TB is a standout lyricist that cannot be ignored. His raw talent and unique, brutally honest street style are surely defining aspects of his music, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Jiggz is up there as one of the most talented artists in Boston when it comes to describing the trials and tribulations of street life with pinpoint detail. He never fails to prove himself as the street veteran portrayed in his lyrics, and the way he provides genuine accounts of his life is what sets him aside from the competition. If you’re unfamiliar with his music, I would definitely recommend starting out with “Down Torrey Street” and “Right Back” – two solid pieces of work that will let you know in no time who you’re dealing with.

We are happy to announce that Jiggz is here today with Graduation Music to premiere a new single titled “Cool Killer” produced by Marz. Although it won’t included on either of the two EP’s that the Dorchester native is working on at the moment, this single is definitely one to remember. Its bold production acts as a partner in crime to Jiggz’ gritty vocals, and the in-your-face attitude emphasizes the cool killer mentality behind a release of such magnitude, all characteristics that work together to paint a vivid picture in the listeners head. Featuring the same aggression that has brought him so far in rap, this track demands attention from fans everywhere. Be sure not sleep on this hard-hitting single and listen to “Cool Killer” below:

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