Maka & Durkin – “Waterworld”

By: Seamus Fay

Wow. I can’t say I ever predicted Maka and Durkin working together on a project, but I can say I’m very grateful that it’s happening. With such unique, enjoyable styles teaming up, the duo is already proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

They just dropped a track via Fool’s Gold titled “Waterworld”, acting as the first single from their upcoming EP Another island due for release on August 31st. It’s incredibly wavy (I mean just look at the artwork), and with such a firm grasp on their strength and weaknesses, I’m proud to say that “Waterworld” is the perfect track for these two to introduce themselves with. It’s the sing-songy lyricism from Maka, with deliveries relaxed and spacious. It’s the happening, uplifting production and inviting melodies. It’s all the best features of their own respective styles coming together to make such a fun track, appealing to a wide range of listeners out there that will be familiar with the Boston names soon if they weren’t already. In the description of the song on SoundCloud, Fool’s Gold wrote the following:

The two Boston-based producers and songwriters take a left-field approach to modern pop sonics, laying Maka’s yearning vocals over hybrid bass drops and layers upon layers of celestial synths, resulting in a tropical jam as catchy as it is futuristic.

And that sums it up perfectly. Listen to “Waterworld” below, and be ready for Another Island coming on the 31st!

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