‘SummerSlam 2017’ Show Preview

By: Seamus Fay

This Saturday night at 7:30, on his 20th birthday, Marquis Filthy of Plan A Records will headline “SummerSlam 2017” alongside Eym Fresh, Chase Murphy, and Danny Diamonds as the opening acts. With each of these artists making some real noise in their collaborations together, this show is a must-attend for all the fans that are ready to see what the future of Massachusetts will look like. Below are two of the tracks featuring these talented individuals, although I would definitely recommend checking out everyone’s solo work in addition to the following songs to prepare for Saturday night.

“Rock The Boat” was a guaranteed soundtrack to the summer from the first listen – not to mention its relatability only enhances the experience that fans have while listening to this to one. With Marquis Filthy, Chase Murphy, and Eym Fresh switching off verses over the unique melody and dance-friendly drum patterns, this release is ready to be played at all of your upcoming functions, and it will be sure to garner the energy and attention of the crowd on Saturday. Peep “Rock The Boat” below:

“Foreign” is the single that introduced me to these young talents, and I can assure you that I’m thankful I was shown the song. With such smooth vocals and infectious energy, I immediately felt like this track was the one. Between Marquis Filthy, Chase Murphy, and Danny Diamonds all together, it’s no wonder that this single is continuing to make its rounds around the Boston music scene and beyond with such a wide appeal. Listen to “Foreign” below.

Click the following link to cop tickets to the show:




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